Town of Chenango

Town of Chenango

1529 State Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901  –  Town Court: (607)648-8565 | Town Hall: (607)648-4809

Property Assessment

Function: The Department of Assessment is responsible for maintaining the public record of all parcels of realty within the Town of Chenango boundaries. The primary function of the department is to prepare accurate and fair valuations of real estate for tax assessing purposes.

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Assessment Calendar

The tax year is a fiscal year that runs from July 1 through June 30. The following are some key days to remember.

July 1 – Valuation Date:
Real property price level for the assessment cycle is frozen as of this date.

January 1 though March 1 – Exemption Filing Period:
This is the period during which exemption applications can be filed for the coming tax year. No exemptions can be accepted after March 1, and all approved exemptions filed during this period begin on the following July 1.

March 1 – Taxable Status Date:
The ownership and actual physical condition of the real property as of this date are assessed (valued) for the July 1 final tax roll.

May 1 – Tentative Tax Roll:
The assessor completes, certifies, and files a tax roll containing assessed values for each property in the assessing unit.

Fourth Tuesday in May – Grievance Day:
The Board of Assessment Review meets to hear assessment complaints. Last day property owners may file a formal complaint seeking reduction in their tentative assessments.

July 1 – Final Tax Roll:
The assessor signs and files a roll that contains the final assessments, (tentative tax roll assessments plus all changes made by the Board of Assessment Review). No assessments can be changed for any reason after this roll is filed, except those changed by court order as a result of formal legal challenges.


Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May.

The Grievance Board is a three member board which reviews your tax assessment in cases where you and your Assessor disagree as to the value/relative value of your property for real property tax purposes.

Assessment Review Board Members:

  • Scott B. Smith
  • Pete Matwey

The Board meets once a year, in May, to hear and rule on taxpayer complaints. The Board has the authority to sustain or override the decision of the Town Assessor.

Complaint forms and instruction booklets outlining the grievance procedures are available in the Assessor’s office after May 1.

Assessment records are available for review in the Assessors office.

The Assessor’s office does not participate in the decisions made by the Grievance Board. They are an independent body and the Assessor’s office receives their decision at the same time as you. The Assessor’s office, therefore, does not have any information to assist in answering specific questions you may have about a Grievance Board decision. If you have any questions, they should be forwarded in writing to the Town of Chenango Grievance Board.

Town Tax Rates


The Town has varying tax rates for water districts, sewer districts, fire districts, and lighting districts. These rates are determined by the location of the property within the Town. The tax rates for a specific property maybe obtained by contacting the Assessors office, and providing the property address or tax map number.