Town of Chenango

Town of Chenango

1529 State Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901  –  Town Court: (607)648-8565 | Town Hall: (607)648-4809

Water & Sewer

Function: Provide high quality drinking water to the residents & businesses in the Town of Chenango. Provide effective treatment of the sanitary sewage for the residents & businesses of the town of Chenango.

Annual Water Quality Report for the town of Chenango

Water Assesment Summary

Billing is done quarterly. You should receive your bill by the 1st of Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.
All credit and debit payments online or in office are charged 3% by PayGov the card company.

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Bill Payments may be made in person to the water & sewer department at Town Hall during the hours posted above (There is also a box available for after hours payment made by check only).

Payments may also be mailed to the Water & Sewer Dept. at the address below:

Town of Chenango Water & Sewer Dept.

1529 State Route 12

Binghamton, NY 13901

Billing is done quarterly.

Checks may be made out to: Town of Chenango Water & Sewer Dept.

Unpaid water & sewer bills are applied to property taxes yearly on October 1. We bill quarterly.

Water Rates:

Minimum water rate is $ 15.90 for first 750 cu ft.

$ 1.63 for each additional 100 cu ft.

Capital improvement charge will be $3.00 quarterly.

Sewer Rates:

Based on water consumption

Minimum sewer rate is $ 26.10 for first 750 cu. ft.

$ 2.69 for each additional 100 cu ft.

Capital improvement charge will be $3.00 quarterly.

Flat rate sewer customers fee is $ 50.34

The town does not currently put fluoride in its drinking water.

Non-conserving water use

Each person uses 77 gallons of water on the average day for indoor domestic purposes. Here are figures describing typical water consumption:

Type of Use Non-conserving Use Gal
Toilet flushing 5-7
Washing hands Tap running 2
Leaking toilet 24
Shower 5 minutes 25
Bath Full 35
Brush teeth Tap running 10
Shaving Tap running 20
Dish washing by hand Tap running 30
Automatic dishwasher Full cycle 16
Washing machine Full cycle, top level 60
Outdoor watering Per minute 10

* From “Water Conservation at Home” Assemblyman Mel Miller