Town of Chenango

Town of Chenango

1529 State Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901  –  Town Court: (607)648-8565 | Town Hall: (607)648-4809

Building & Sign Permits, Code Enforcement, Planning and Zoning

Building Ordinance Office


A. Building permits

Download Building Permit Application
Download Building Inspection Check List
Download Deck Permit
Download Demolition Permit – $50
Download Pool Permit
Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
Download Building Permit Uniform Code

Flood Plain Development & Elevation Certificate

  • Residential one family: Fifteen Cents ($0.15) per square foot
  • Residential additions: Fifteen cents ($0.15) per square foot
  • Accessory Buildings: 144 square feet or less – twenty dollars ($20)
  • Accessory Buildings: greater than 144 square feet – fifty dollars ($50)
  • Porch/Decks: 100 square feet – twenty dollars ($20)
  • Porch/Decks: greater than 100 square feet – ten cents per square foot minimum ($20)
  • Swimming pools: $50 – Click Here to Download the Pool Application & Requirements
  • Wood Stoves/Chimney: $50
  • Demolition Permit: $50
  • Mobile Homes: .15 cents per square foot
  • Solar Panels: .15 cents per square foot

Pool permits require to following:


  • Location of pool with setback dimensions to all property lines – liquid capacity in gallons – method of filling and draining. Type and size of filter system – estimated cost of the pool. All pools need proof an electrical inspector has approved the installation.
  • Commercial, industrial, and new construction: $.15 per square foot.
  • Energy Audit is required for new construction.

Residential Audit –

- Storm Water Managment Plan is also required for new construction over an acre.

NYS Environmental Review Form –SEQR Forms


When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is required for all structures, alterations and demolitions, this includes but is not limited to: new construction, alterations, placement of new structures, movement of existing buildings, storage structures for all hazardous materials, conversions, occupancy changes, electrical alterations, heating systems, gas appliances for heating or decorative use, solid fuel burning appliances, chimney or flue additions or alterations, structural alterations, changes to fire safety and/or life safety features. If in doubt, contact Ordinance Office.

When do I need a sign permit?

A sign permit is required for all signs.

How long does it take to acquire a building permit?

Minimum review time is two weeks for commercial work, multiple dwellings, one and two family homes, additions, alterations and conversions, review time for smaller projects i.e. decks, pools, sheds etc., depends on timely submittal and quality of plans submitted.


Does the Town allow mobile homes?

Yes. In an approved mobile home park only.

Does the Town allow modular homes?


B. Sign permits: $50

A sign permit is required for all signs. (Including temporary rented signs)

Application for a Sign Permit

C. Planning Board

Application to the Planning Board

Operating a Business


Required submissions are listed on the application.

Submissions required 4 weeks prior to the initial meeting.

Application forms are available at the Town Hall along with the fee schedule.


1529 State Route 12

Binghamton NY 13901

(1) Application fee: $75 minimum.

(2) Site plan review – Re-occupancy: ($75 + $20) per required parking space.

One-third (1/3) payable with final construction approval.

(3) Subdivision review. One- and two-family projects:  ($200 + $50) per lot.

(4) New construction: ($75 + $45 ) per required parking space

When do I require assistance from the Planning Board?

Includes but is not limited to: All uses, structures and occupant changes in areas zoned for commercial projects.

D. Zoning Board of Appeals

Application to the Zoning Board of Appeals

(1) Application fee: ($90).

(2) Special meetings of either the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals fee: ($500)

Required submissions are listed on the application.

Submissions required 1 week prior to the meeting.

When do I require assistance from the Zoning Board?

Includes but is not limited to: Relief from current ordinances, and requests for special permits, i.e. home occupation.

Zoning Compliance Request Form: ($50) Download Application for Zoning Compliance Request

E. Town Board: change of zone

Change of Zone Application form

- Petition fee: ($250) publication and filing fees to be paid by applicant.

F. Publications

  • Zoning Ordinance: twenty dollars ($20).
  • Public Works Specifications: twenty dollars ($20).
  • Sewer Regulations: ten dollars ($10).
  • Subdivision Regulations: ten dollars ($10).
  • Water Regulations: ten dollars ($10).
  • Town Code book: at the current rate.